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Construction Marketing Strategy - Your Blueprint For Success 
When you start thinking strategically about your marketing, you are on the road to success, this is because 8/10 businesses in the construction industry fail to understand the value of strategic marketing. 
Put simply, it is the difference between exponential growth and failure. If your business isn’t aligning marketing strategy, with your vision for the next 3-5 years, you will fail. 
Each year businesses spend millions on marketing, without first fully understanding their business, their competition and their market potential. They develop marketing collateral, but it just sits in boxes gathering dust, and when they are asked – ‘How did your marketing campaign go?’ they reply, terrible, we didn’t achieve anything. 
"That’s because they didn’t thinking strategically" 
Strategic marketing for the construction industry is about identifying your most profitable market sectors, understanding the psychology behind each audience, and learning how your business fits within its environment. The result being a concise marketing strategy, which will position your business for growth. 
Do you find yourself saying that.... 
Marketing doesn’t work in construction. 
I spent thousands on marketing and haven’t had any return. 
My website cost thousands and it doesn’t do anything. 
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Construction Marketing Experts work with you to: 
Create a shared vision of where you want your business to be in 5 years’ time. 
Develop a construction marketing strategy to accelerate growth. 
Develop a strategic business plan which will map how your business needs to look in terms of management, organisation, systems, profitability, and sustainability. 
Develop a strategic marketing plan, which will map your products and services with the most profitable target markets, together with a communications strategy to position your business for growth. 
Calculate your market potential, so you know how much revenue is available for growth. 
Understand your demographics so you know who your target audience really is. 
Understand the psychographics so you can communicate with your target audience more effectively. 
Understand and interpret your competitor activity. 
Identify how your business should be positioned and how it should differentiate from competition. 
We help you increase profits and equity value 
When developing your construction marketing strategy, there are a number of steps we execute: 
1. Segmentation: Identify your most profitable market sectors 
2. Demographics: Define your target audience 
3. Psychographics: Understand the mind-set of your audience 
4. Positioning: Understand your competition 
5. Differentiation: Understand your unique points of difference 
6. Look & Feel: Understand what your audience can feel comfortable with 
By following this six step process, then deploying a marketing communication strategy that amplifies your unique points of difference, in a way your audience can understand and relate with, you will most certainly attract more of the customers you want. 
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