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Construction Marketing Implementation 
If construction marketing strategy is about thinking, construction marketing implementation is about doing. Without a tactical plan your strategy will almost certainly fail. 
The truth about marketing 
Eight out of ten marketing campaigns will fail. This is the truth about marketing. 
The secret is to develop a marketing plan that works. You need the right message, hitting the right audience at the right time. Most importantly, remember to test and measure. 
Small scale testing and measuring enables you to quickly eliminate the marketing activities unsuitable for your target audience. Once you’ve identified the ones that work, you’re ready to develop your tactical plan. 
Do you recognise these problems? 
No time to implement marketing tactics 
I don’t know what tactics are best for my business 
I don’t know how to measure the results of my marketing activities 
I don’t know what frequency to apply to my marketing tactics 
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The best tactics for your product or service 
Testing and measuring to determine the most cost effective tactics to deploy 
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Plan and measure 
Your construction marketing strategy will include well defined objectives, usually focused on increasing turnover within a number of years. When you have a financial target, a breakdown of sectors and a definition of what your audience looks like and behaves, you are ready to plan your tactics. 
Like all plans they must be clearly outlined, with timescales, resources and associated budgets. Metrics will be included to measure the effectiveness of each process, ensuring continuous improvement throughout. 
Winning culture 
Your marketing plan can include tactics for up to five years if it is well researched. However our environment constantly evolves, including the way we behave and respond to mediums. 
Adopting a culture that is quick to implement change is essential in order to stay ahead of your competition. 
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