CMA best use of direct marketing 2015
Construction Marketing Audit 
Simply answer the 12 questions as honestly as you can to review your construction marketing activities. 
1. Do you segment your customers into groups with different marketing strategies for each? 
2. How often do you communicate with your existing customers? 
3. How often do you communicate with your prospect list? 
Competitor research
Economic trends
Customer perceptions
5. Do you know why customers may buy from your competition and not you? 
6. Do customers understand the unique difference of our products/service compared to your competition? 
7. Do you effectively communicate these unique points of difference? 
8. Do you currently compete on price? 
9. Do you currently have a strategic business plan? 
10. Do you currently have a strategic marketing plan? 
11. Do you deploy tactical marketing activities? 
12. Do you employ a department to implement your marketing strategy? 
How do we analyse the results and feedback constructively? 
We attribute points to each answer and measure this against other high performing companies. 
We can categorise this further into four areas of marketing: 
Questions 1-3 reveal how effectively you market to your customers and prospects 
Questions 4-5 reveal how well you know your environment and customer perceptions of your business. 
Questions 6-8 address ‘differentiation’. 
Questions 9-12 measure your existing operations, your strategy and implementation 
* indicates required
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