CMA best use of direct marketing 2015
Taking a smart approach to marketing will deliver you results 
Construction Marketing Experts is a full service marketing consultancy, offering construction marketing to companies nationwide. 
We help our clients: 
Win more tenders 
Attract more customers and enquiries 
Make sure you are tender ready to win more work 
Improve your visibility 
Give you a competitive advantage 
Write winning case studies 
Develop winning marketing strategies and tactics 
Execute marketing tactics to bring home the enquires 
Develop web sites and communications that stand out from the crowd 
You wouldn’t attempt to drive a car blind folded would you? So why would you invest in construction marketing activities without understanding your market, your business and finding your strategic fit? Learn how your construction business fits strategically and position yourself for growth. 
You know your marketplace; you’ve spotted the opportunities, now it’s time to take action. But what is the best form of action for your business? Discovering effective ways to implement your construction marketing strategy, is paramount to your success. 
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What are the possibilities? 
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Learning how strategic marketing can increase your net profit margin. 
Re-focusing your efforts on proven construction marketing techniques that work for your business – we can show you how. 
Learning construction marketing strategies that will increase lead generation and conversions. 
Positioning your business for emerging markets - renewables. 
Developing and communicating new products/services to existing market sectors. 
Developing and communicating your existing products and services to new geographical areas – international marketing. 
Implementing sustainability and LEAN construction methods into your business. 
Developing a predictable and sustainable business. 
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